Lakeville Nature Conservancy


Hello and welcome to the Lakeville Nature Conservancy! We are a group of people, all from Lakeville, dedicated to improving our community by conserving our beautiful environment. What’s more, we look far beyond our borders to help preserve areas around the nation, sending our people to educate, work in, and fundraise for, some of the most diverse and important environments in the country.

Why Us?

Why not! The fact of the matter is, with global warming being an established scientific fact, we need to do what we can to reverse the damage we’ve caused. Lakeville has always been known as a community of people dedicated to a wide variety of causes, but before Lakeville Nature Conservancy there simply weren’t any centers or organizations in the community entirely focused on the environment.

What’s Our Mission?

Did you know that America alone is responsible for over a quarter of the energy used in the world? Or that some experts estimate that the world will run out of coal by 2155? That might seem like a long time from now, but if we do not set the machinery in motion to give future generations an upper hand, the consequences could be catastrophic. This is about more than our future, it’s about the future of generations not yet born. It’s about the future of the human race, and further, all living things on this planet. So our mission is a big one, and it reads like this:

Lakeville Nature Conservancy’s mission is to improve our community through working with nature and educating the public to be more eco-friendly.

This might seem like a small mission statement for an almost insurmountable task, but we firmly believe that if every community around the world made a similar commitment, the world would be a better place in no time. In the meantime, Lakeville will lead the way.