Lakeville Nature Conservancy

Our Work

Lakeville Nature Conservancy is strongly focused on the preservation of nature, wildlife, and natural resources with which we share our community. We are dedicated to the well being of our community’s delicate environment and strive to educate members of the community on the importance of conservation, sustainability, and fostering a healthy partnership with our shared green spaces.

Our Educational, Eco-Friendly Community Programming

Lakeville Nature Conservancy is excited to partner with fellow community members and organizations in order to provide a wide variety of educational programming for community members and conservationists of all ages. Our dedicated group of naturalists and “greenkeepers” features a number of different specialties, including eco-friendly gardening and landscaping and budget-conscious conservation in the home for adults. Children’s ecology and conservation programming is also available and covers general, age-appropriate tips for going green, recycling, plant and animal identification, and much more.

Our Greener Space Initiatives

Over the last three years, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with local contractors and community builders dedicated to creating more accessible green spaces inĀ our vibrant community. It is through these partnerships, as well as our local city planning board, that we’ve been able to break ground on our latest Greener Spaces initiative that focuses on converting vacant lots throughout the community into shared green spaces that can be enjoyed by all. This upcoming year, we have plans to convert two more lots into beautiful, green spaces!

Our Young Conservationist Program (YCP)

The YCP is a monthly meet up of young conservationists within our community. The group is facilitated by several of our volunteers who lead discussions on eco-friendly ways in which young people can champion for conservation and advocate for green spaces within our community. There is also a heavy focus placed on personal accountability and putting into practice the important concepts discussed each month.

Community Garden and Beautification Initiative

In addition to our growing number of green spaces, we also contribute to our community by facilitating community gardens. These gardens are filled with local flora and fauna, cared for by organization members, then replanted in green areas that may be suffering neglect. Our local flower garden offers plots for sale to individuals interested in gardening, but whom may not have space at home. The proceeds from each plot sold go directly to pay for the resources needed to run the community garden and rejuvenate our local environment.